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So, you're hooked on the Boxer & you want to know more about this breed of dog? Fantastic!  

Below are some excellent links to other sites with solid information regarding the Boxer breed and owning dogs to get you started.  

The World Wide Boxer website & information was created by Judy Horton of Melbourne Australia and is especially useful when learning about the boxer breed & current boxer standard. Every purebreed dog is created to mimic as best as possible the applicable breed standard, which is a written description of the dog.  It specifies all aspects of the dog that a professional breeder is aiming for. A Breed Standard is the rulebook for all judges at conformation (Championship) Shows. Breed standards for all purebreed dogs in Australia are produced by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC).

If you really want to know what a Boxer's character is, and what this breed of dog is supposed to look like, act like, be like - Then you must read the Breed Standard. The World Wide Boxer (link below) is a good place to start!


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